I’ve been obsessed with food since I was just a wee boy. I’ve always cooked and I’ve always loved it. It’s both my passion and obsession. It’s how I relax after a hard day at work and also my way of sharing something with friends and family. I love to cook for friends be it bake a cake for a celebration, or invite people around to eat some food. Not like a dinner party but proper grub, a big pot of stew, some homemade bread and a few bottles of wine or beer and a pud, preferably something with custard. No formalities, no square plates, just friends and food.

I like cooking to be simple, I think we should all cook, it should be something fundamental that we all know just a little bit about. I think it’s not only vital to our health but for our culture and our attitude to buying food and our relationship with companies that supply us with food. If we know more, those companies have to try that bit harder.

But that’s not what this blog is about, don’t get me wrong I would love to encourage more people to cook and if something I put up here gets you in the kitchen then I’ll be very happy. But I don’t want to make it into campaign, there’s plenty of that on the telly and in cookbooks and the newspapers. While I love it and it’s entertaining and informative I think food and cooking in the media also has counter-productive element to it, it elevates cooking to an unattainable level, plonks it on a pedestal and challenges you to live a fantasy lifestyle that frankly has nothing to do with cooking.

So no, I don’t want that, I don’t want the gloss and the pornification, with the Grand Design’s lifestyle shots and the tricky bits edited out. This blog is about me and my adventures in the cooking, what works, what didn’t and my thoughts and musings on everything from recipes to supermarkets.

There is a small ulterior motive! Friends are often asking me when is the restaurant opening. Working in food would be a dream come true; however, I feel I have a lot to learn before such a venture would be anything other than a foolhardy endeavour (destined for a slot on Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares). That said I do want to push myself, to improve my knowledge of food and gain that confidence that might make that dream a reality. As such this blog is part of that process. It’s about chronicling a journey, discovering more about me and my love of cooking and sharing some of the things I learn with friends and family along the way.

I hope you enjoy it.

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